15/03/24 Longlists are, I feel, a Good Thing. Lots more poets get recognised, your chances are higher going in, and generally positivity abounds. To declare an interest, I have a poem on the longlist for the next Butcher’s Dog (edited by Jo Clement, whose recent debut collection, Outlandish, has been justly praised.)

Prose Poems

15/03/24 The poem in question (see above) is a prose poem. The form still slightly mystifies me. Is it a poem because we call it a poem? Jo Clement put out a call for these, so I’m hoping there will be contemporary examples in the next issue. It would be rewarding to study this exotic hybrid (which of course is not exactly new) further.

Berlin Lit

15/03/24 There’s a poem of mine, I’m very glad to say, in the current Berlin Lit, edited by the talented Mathew McDonald.

Literary Greetings from East Sussex!

12/01/23 What a year 2022 was – for everybody. Things are simmering down here, after a fairly major crisis or two, and I hope to be back on track for a poetic 2023. I wish you all a rewarding one.

20/9/22 Autumn Update

I’m delighted to report I’ll be reading in Galway on the 29th of September! — as well as joining poets musicians in Hastings on the 23rd of October. [For more details, ]

28/8/22 “Uncertain Ode”

Written after the Trump victory, revised during the war in Ukraine, and recently filmed. One minute long, it should be added!

24/07/22 Hastings Ox-Eye Launch

The in-person launch for Ox-Eye will be this Thursday the 28th in Hastings. You’re invited! It will take place at the Hastings Bookshop on Trinity St., off Robinson St. at 7 pm. Wine and merriment. [For more details see the Events section of this website.]

24/07/22 First Ox-Eye Reviews!

Extremely pleased at the first UK reviews for Ox-Eye, two poetry bloggers/critics/poets responding quickly with no loss of quality (quite the contrary!)

The first is by Ian Gouge:

The second is posted on the poetryparc website:


Paradox Literary Journal

So pleased to be part of the sumptuous-looking Paradox literary journal, just launched this week. Congratulations all round. Their maiden issue highlighted…maidens! They reprinted a poem of mine about Lot’s wife, “Ildeth in Bela”. (More than one poet has dealt with this theme, but I’d like to think it’s a new spin) That little poem kept excellent company at Paradox – and a big welcome to them – amongst offerings by Alice Stainer, Tessa Foley and Stuart MacPherson.


Bloodaxe Zoom Launch

Ox-Eye is out, published and launched! The Bloodaxe Zoom discussion on Tuesday over-ran a bit because publisher Neil Astley said it was going so well he didn’t want to interrupt it. My fellow poets were Thomas Lynch of Eire & Michigan, and Andre Naffis-Saheley of London & California. We commemorated Tony Hoagland, whose new posthumous collection was also being launched.


Coming soon! The Bloodaxe Zoom launch for Ox-Eye and other June releases. See

The Friday Poem website, edited by Hilary Menos, is a trove of poetry reviews, articles, and –a Friday poem. Recently, as a Desert Island castaway (hugely chuffed at that) I wrote about what I’d take along when shipwrecked: poems by H.D., Anonymous and Yeats.


Hello, poets, vagabonds & poetry people! Do keep in touch on Twitter if you’re over that way, @rouseanne.

A lot to catch up with. For a start, the first-ever issue of the UK-based Degenerate Art: new literary writings (incl. a poem of mine) on art, alongside luscious artwork.

As a poet I find short stories enticing. All that space to write in! It could get addictive. “Fill the Earth”, a bit of poetic sci fi, has appeared in Mercurius, the edgy and stylish arts, literary and current events journal. (May 11)

Militant Thistles, a safe haven for political poets, founded by the inimitable Alan Morrison, is well worth supporting. (There are two of my poems, not in the current book, on the website.)

Finally, the book arrived, earlier than expected. (How often does that happen?) I had no idea what the parcel could be. Opened it and there was my new collection, Ox-Eye, with cover image by the incredible Annie Soudain, beautiful and shining…..


The Poetry Foundation has re-released the audio recording of “Outcome”, a short poem evoking a steamy encounter in a railway waiting room, read by the distinguished Broadway and film actor, Dana Ivey.

And a new mini-review’s up, in Lit Crit in these pages: Elizabeth Barret Browning’s pacy verse novel, Aurora Leigh.


“Fixed Star”, short fiction, appears in the current issue of Variant Literature (USA).


Launching today, the Lit Crit section of this website. First up: a novel about Shakespeare by the author of A Clockwork Orange.


From Twelfth Night to Burns Night: 20 Poetry Questions

As a kick-start to the new writing year, I ask a question a day on Twitter. @rouseanne.


Happy New Year, fellow poets and readers! May your writing and submissions go better than ever, and your reading, too.

A poem, “The Town” [see video news from 01/11/21] is now featured in the Guest Poets’ archive at Acumen, the UK literary journal.

Moonrise 2021


“Moonrise 2021” has just been published in Acropolis Journal, here.

The Street (short story)


Published in Edinburgh-based literary journal, The Interpreter’s House, edited by Georgi Gill, “The Street” is a surreal tale of a traveller’s alienation in a foreign city, here.


Two new video poems are now out on Youtube :

  • “The Town”, about a town’s secret life. here .
  • “The Waves & a Bang”, a dream-like seaside piece. here

[The poem The Town is based on can be found in the current print copy (issue 101) of Acumen, edited by Danielle Hope.]

Ox-Eye, out 23rd June 2022


Anne Rouse’s fourth full collection, her first in 14 years, will be out early next summer.

Ox-Eye deals with personal and social change (an ox-eye is is a small cloud prior to a storm), and will be published by Bloodaxe Books.

Pre-order here

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